Welcome to InTheLab - Gotta Have Heart!

TasteLab Heart.png

Welcome to our first ever blog! We will periodically update our blog with an insider's look at some of the amazing food, folks and fun happening in the lab as well as profile the incredible entrepreneurs that call TasteLab home!

Seeing as though today is Valentine's Day, our first ever feature focuses on something that is necessary in every startup - a lot of heart! TasteLab's mission is to help entrepreneurs launch, scale or grow their companies. We do everything we can to make dreams become realities, but at the end of the day it's the heart, passion and belief in yourself and your product that is going to make you successful.

So if you've got a great idea and a lot of heart, we've got the place for you to start! (Should this be our new slogan!?)

Alright, alright - we know that's pretty cheesy, but, come on - it's Valentine's Day!

But seriously, we ...love... (guess we're not done with the puns) learning about new businesses and seeing how our team and facility can most effectively help you grow. If interested in learning more or checking TasteLab out for yourself, head to our on-boarding page and tell us a bit about yourself and what it is you want to do.

We look forward to working with you and send our best wishes from the bottom of our ...hearts!