TasteLab Turns Two

Today TasteLab celebrates our our second birthday! It is amazing to look back and realize how much incredible food has been made under our roof. In two short, fun and delicious years we've helped over a hundred small businesses make their dreams a reality - from concept or recipes to customer's palates and retail shelves all over this fine city of ours. 

We think the "tasty twos" are going to look good on us and we can't wait to enjoy the incredible eats our members will be producing this year. 

So spread the word - TasteLab is growing and we want to help make your culinary dreams come true. We are intrinsically motivated by the burgeoning DC Food scene and are excited for each and every entrepreneur we get the chance to meet and help. We will continue to do everything we can to support our community and help our members thrive. If you have a business that needs more space, if you're a start up looking for the spark to take you to the next level or if you have an idea that just needs to be made into a business - TasteLab is here to make it happen.

We have some very, very exciting announcements coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned and stay hungry, DC!