Our marketplace is the only store that exclusively sells food and beverages that are made in DC.  The TasteLab marketplace also serves as our home base for events, tastings and product demos where you can meet some of our incredible food entrepreneurs and sample their merchandise before buying it!

The marketplace offers dry, refrigerated and frozen goods and the product lineup contains virtually any food product you can think of, including but not limited to:

-  chocolate (big bars, mini bars, bon bons, etc)  -  root beer  -  beef jerky  -  gluten free cookies  -  fresh pressed juices  -  granola (raw bites, bags, etc)  -  spice rubs  -  spice blends  -  local honey  - exotic teas  -  steak sauces  -  marinades  -  salad dressings  -  ridiculously delicious dips  -  nut blends  -  marinated olives  -  frozen empanadas  -  chutneys  -  bread puddin'  -  ready to eat tofu  -  whiskey aged maple syrup  -  salsas  -  hummus  -  pita bread  -  gluten free breads  -  hot sauces  -  dried chili peppers  -  soups  -  ice creams  -  ice cream sandwiches  -  cocktail mixers  -  and many, many, many more delicious things!


Our marketplace is filled exclusively with products that are made at TasteLab. With the launch of the marketplace we are able to provide a unique benefit to our community members by getting their products on shelves and exposing their brands to the thousands of people who visit Union Market on a daily basis. 

In addition to actually helping to generate revenue for our community members, we are able to provide consulting and advisory services to get products retail ready or make them more retail friendly.  

All community members will also be able to sign up and host product demos and tastings at Union Market in order to expose their brands to thousands of people. 

If you make it, we can sell it. Contact us today to get cookin' at TasteLab and to get your products on shelves in front of thousands of people. 

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