our philosophy

our team is comprised of entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes. as far as we know, TasteLab is the only culinary incubator in the country who's entire management team has had experience founding, running and growing food businesses from the ground up. we started with ideas and built grocery stores, created innovative products, ran catering operations and sold millions of dollars worth of products we created from scratch.  we firmly believe the success of your company is in your hands alone, but we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to give you the absolute best chance to succeed. 

TasteLab Management

ryan hansan

RH Headshot.jpg

founder and ceo

ryan founded local dinner kit delivery company, scratchDC, in 2012 to solve the weeknight dinner dilemma. surprising and delighting customers with extreme attention to detail and fantastic customer service, ryan scaled scratchDC from two orders on the first day to a company that fed thousands of hungry washingtonians every week. he sold scratchDC to SunBasket in 2016 to focus on his other food companies, TinyGrocery and TasteLab. at the height of it's operation, TinyGrocery provided healthy, wholesome and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options to hundreds of offices, apartments, gyms and retail stores throughout the DMV via a revolutionary RFID powered refrigerated kiosk. with the growth of TasteLab's community, ryan made the decision to close TinyGrocery in late 2016 to focus on helping his clients scale and succeed. ryan is a native of Reston, Virginia and currently lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his wife Lisa and his pit bull (and official TasteLab mascot/co-counder), Billie (see below). 

chief operating officer

jordan joined TasteLab in early 2017 after founding, designing, building and growing LoKL Gourmet Market in McLean, Virginia. at LoKL, jordan managed all elements of turning an empty storefront into a locally-focused gourmet grocery store while running a massive school lunch and catering operation out of a tiny shared kitchen space. before LoKL, jordan served as general manager of Nourish Market in Falls Church. quite simply, there is no one quite like jordan. she brings to TasteLab an unparalleled motor and encyclopedic knowledge of all things local food, retail, wholesale and how to take a product from concept to shelf. there is no one more passionate about helping small businesses grow and no one more qualified to do so.  jordan hails from Virginia Beach and currently lives in DC with her tabby cat, Abby (the official sidekick of TasteLab's mascot) . 

esther song


director of operations

Esther joined TasteLab in 2018 to turn passion into profession. Over 10 years in DC, she's run a few things including: sports radio shows, a Korean pop up restaurant, the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, digital campaigns, and found time to win a cooking competition. With a deep knowledge of processes, problem solving and an even deeper love of good food, she looks to build a community of savvy industry entrepreneurs. A self-aware Clevelander, you can find her on the volleyball court or reminiscing about the 2016 NBA finals.

TasteLab Staff

facilities manager

edgar atapaucar

as our facilities manager, edgar is the oil that makes the TasteLab machine run. edgar is responsible for keeping TasteLab operating in tip-top shape, manages our janitorial team and oversees all facilities management and maintenance. edgar joined the scratchDC/TinyGrocery team in late 2015 and as a jack-of-all-trades has worked his way up and grown with TasteLab. edgar is a proud Peruvian, the best salsa dancer in the DMV and roots for the only football team that matters - hail to the redskins!

co-founder, chairman of the board

billie hansan


billie is the longest tenured member of the tastelab family. she was instrumental in helping her father (ryan hansan) found his first company. scratchDC. in the early days, billie served as official taste-tester and chief dishwasher. this rather high profile position earned her a great deal of praise from her pup-peers at the district's numerous dogparks. though shy by nature, billie reluctantly became somewhat of an overnight celebrity. she has been featured in washingtonian magazine, innumerable instagrams, and has been named "dog of the week" at doggy daycare a staggering (and record) three times.  billie was found in an alley in baltimore at four weeks old and rescued by bella's bully buddies. after a long fight with pneumonia, billie met ryan and lisa, approved of her adoption, and moved down to washington DC.  

billie now lives in chevy chase, maryland with her mother and father where she campaigns vigorously against the stigma and discrimination of her fellow pitbulls. she loves fetching, balls, sticks, treats, reading plato and has currently deferred from Harvard Business School to focus on an upcoming venture in which she has raised $6.8 million from institutional investors.